Hidden Fractures (2nd DEMO) [UPDATED] by Y4T5UR0

You wake up in an unknown room without having any recollection of the past, including your name. As far as you know, you are "trapped" in a VRMMO and has to find the pieces of your memory while going against the odds and survive through harsh days.

I updated the file accidentally although I planned to upload a new file with different name. Welp, either way, what's done is done. Let the past be the past. I did try replacing this with the old one again and upload the second demo as a different game file but it keeps on failing and trying again and again will be such a hassle, so I'll upload a new file for the 1st demo so you can see the differences by yourselves (I decided to post it on my blog which I just created instead: y4t5ur0.blogspot.com)
For those who have played the first demo, I'm very thankful. I will do my best to provide a better gaming experience and keep up with my release plan and schedule.

Well, this isn't that important, but this update is actually kinda off from my initial plans, and here are what should have been implemented in the 2nd DEMO:
• Clearer objectives
• Solved case
• More beasts
• Better fighting experience
• Threatening bosses
• More items
As you see, they aren't completed yet, so I'm kind of ashamed to call it the "2nd DEMO," though I've been very, very impatient about releasing a second one so people can enjoy the game more. (I'm still learning how to complete those above though 0w0)

Anyways, here is what I've added in this 2nd DEMO:
• Fixed: No more look at errors with the beast
• More scenery items are in the room
• Case with attack is now fixed
• Fixed health string issue
• Better descriptions :D
• No more double tutorial trauma issue, door shock issue, or double beast fight error! Yahoo!!
• Command attack is added (Synonym issue for hit)
• Several grammatical errors are no more
• Max Health issue solved
• Defense is here!!
• Goblin function rocks, though there’s no timer yet (I think)
• Percentage Health issue
• Door issue resolved
• Max HP update resolved

Hope you enjoy it :D
Also, you can try watching the walkthrough I made on Youtube lmao (though it doesn't completely show the features of the game)
Aaaand, if you have any suggestion, or if you find any bug or error, please tell me :D
Or if you want to help me completing the points I mentioned as parts of my plan, you can mail me (if you don't mind)

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