Stars in the Library by bforre

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It is a winter afternoon and, feeling an urge to go spend a quiet day with a book, you walk to the nearby library.

As you enter the library, you hear a strange clanking noise that seems to be coming from the nonfiction section. As you turn the corner after the circulation desk, your eyes fall on the cause of the clanking noise:

A dragon.

A purple dragon, three times your height, curled up comfortably on a pile of old metal pipes, tinsel, paper crowns, and any number of other items of not-quite-treasure.

A passing library technician smiles at you reassuringly and says not to worry, it's just a visiting researcher.

By this time you have forgotten your desire to read a book, and you find yourself drifting towards the dragon. As you approach, he looks up from his book and examines you carefully. You realize that, for the first time in your life, you are about to...

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