Cats Of The Clans by Maplefall

Hello, this is my first game on Textadventure! This is a really big WIP! It is about a cat named Maplekit/Maplepaw/Mapleheart! She is a Calico cat with bright blue eyes. Walk along her path as she finds her way through the world. This is based on Erin Hunter's books, Warrior Cats so it is not my idea! Have fun and thank you for playing! I look forward to your reviews, I except constructive criticism, but don’t be outright rude about it please! (The picture to the left is of what she looks like) If you suggest game ideas or characters, I will fit them in with my future games WHEN I’M DONE WITH THIS ONE!! I’d be happy to check out any games you ask me to, but I don’t comment or review, sorry! If I have any, check out my other games. You are also allowed to advertise here.
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Added 23 Apr 2021
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