Shrink accident by christiawi987

You're an 18 year old genius who still lives at home with your family before you move away to college. Being the smart person you are, you're constantly tinkering and creating new gadgets to better the lives of your family. However, your most recent invention is your most prized achievement as it has the possibility to change the world for better or for worse. A shrink ray. Currently it is in its prototype stage and looks more like a giant ray gun on a tripod that you are currently keeping locked up in your room while you fix all the kinks.

However, just over ten minutes ago your annoying little sister, Haley (16), entered your room to bug you. Sending her away in a huff, she knocked the shrink ray causing it to surge in power. A minute later it discharged that power on the object directly in front of it: You. Now, you must try and get the help of your giantess family. And you must do it at less than an inch tall.
Only 2 other people live in this house: You sister and mother (Diane). Get their attention, or die trying.
Contains GIANTESS and SHRINK content

UPDATED 5/ Jul/ 2017 There are 4 new full endings. I still haven't done the Diane arc. Since I'm an asshole. I forgot how hard it is to write this game and it took me so long just to create this. I have about 15 extra endings that I haven't done but I have the outlines for. I just have to write them. I want to let my writing brain calm down for a while first. In order to get these extra endings I'll give you a clue: They're activated within Haley's room. There's a new item you must find.

UPDATED 13th / Jul/ 2017 I decided to do a commission. This has two new endings and a lot of foot stuff. Hope you enjoy. And no, I shant be telling people how to get the new endings. But you can beg others in the comments if you so wish.

UPDATED 20th / Jul/ 2017 This is for another commission. It contains a lot of vore type action and is an addition to the Diane Arc. Hope you enjoy.

UPDATED 11th/ Aug/ 2017. This was yet another commission. It contains dog action. In fact, it's entirety is dog action. If you enjoyed the Billy content, then you'll love this. If not, well, beggars can't be choosers

There are now 47 ENDINGS

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Review by ThelmaDragon24
08 Nov 2019
Please add more when you get the chance, I'd love to see a lot more of this!

Review by alexander933
07 Dec 2018
Some of the best deaths I've seen in a shrinking game. Writing is long and detailed.

Review by GR
04 Jan 2018
Fantastic so far; can't wait for more!

Review by spedstar623
26 Sep 2017
Best shrinking game on here.

Review by epicskull
04 Aug 2017
A good game with interesting characters. I would like to see more interactions with the characters as either gentle or power mad, though that's probably just me. still great game and keep at it.

Review by G0D0FDEATH99
18 Jun 2017
Good job. maybe add some ub.

Review by LA0000
14 May 2017
Great Game 20/20

29 Apr 2017
Good game 10/10

Review by Rhousley083
06 Feb 2017
One of the better GTS games here. I love the amount of variety with Haley, and check constantly for updates. Fantastic work, as well as great writing.

Review by Jakester115
07 Jan 2017
The game is coming along very nicely! Of course it isn't perfect. But it is on its way to being really great. Keep up the good work!

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