Fallout: Wasteland of Gold ((Fallout Fan Game)) by mallion666

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There is a legend in the American Wasteland. A legend of a Vault filled with Pre-War riches. Technology, books, pure water, even mountains of gold stashed away in the state of Maine. The tip of America. Vault 62... Some say the Pre-War government used it to keep their greatest inventions safe, others say it was another horrible experiment to see what the occupants would do if they were locked in a vault filled with an abundance of food, weapons, and technology ending in a bloody struggle to see who will have the most. But as it is, these are merely tales as the data on Vault 62 were little, detailing simply that it was overstocked. No specific location, no details. Only that it is within the remnants of Maine.

During the great war, 2 bombs had hit the state directly. One directly in the center of Augusta, and one due north of Chamberlain Lake. One other had exploded out in the coast of Jonesport, irradiating the beaches and resulting in an oversized population of Mirelurks. However, due to limitations of food and territory, the Mirelurks fought amongst each other until only a tenth of the original population was left. Thanks to this, larger and tougher Mirelurks remained to populate making the Maine beaches into highly dangerous areas removing almost any chance of fishing north of Swans Island.

East of Augusta, lies Fort Knox. Here, the Brotherhood of Steel have set up shop, establishing a city that the locals dub Steel Port; the main city of Maine. It was founded by Elder Marchant back in 2253 when tales of Vault 62 first came up. Marchant and his men search for 3 years before declaring the mission to be a waste of resources. However, High Elder Maxsom IV felt that having control of Maine's coast would be good for Brotherhood. So, after taking Fort Knox from a hoard of Super Mutants, the Brotherhood established a settlement inside the Fort. The Maine Wastelanders surrounded the fort hoping for protection from the harshness of the waste, but were instead allowed to make their homes around the Fort. The Brotherhood even agreed to protect the denizens of Steel Port in exchange for food that the wastelanders were to provide, forcing the Wastelanders to set up fishing operations along the Penobscot River. This synergy lead to a growth. Bolstering the Brotherhood's numbers by recruiting from Steel Port, as well as creating a functional society in the Maine Wasteland.

In Northern Maine, trees have begun to grow again. Creating large, lush forests spanning from Baxter State Park and up. Cities like Fort Fairfield have become covered in overgrowth. Turning them into concrete jungles. But this growth is not without its dangers too. Around Mt. Chase lie tribes of Super Mutant Nightkin. They have adapted to the Maine forests and have become brutal hunters. Luring unsuspecting Wastelanders to their deaths. Though according to a few accounts, yet to be verified, it seems that these Nightkin are also searching for a Wastelander with a pipboy in order to open Vault 104 which supposedly was a Stealth Boy testing facility. But again, not verified as most people are eaten. East of Mt. Chase reside crazed tribals who believe that a Deity named Harold blessed this land with Plant Life, and that they are to be the ones chosen to inherit the forests.

The year is now 2285, this is where our story shall begin. We are here in search of the fabled Vault 62 whether it be for the betterment of the Maine Wasteland, to aid the Brotherhood or Enclave, or merely to make yourselves rich. Be careful, however. There are many dangers here, and the Enclave are rising again out of the ruins of Allagash from the north. There are many new factions to side with or fight with here, as well as new enemies. The journey will be hard, many may die. But for what Vault 62 may hold, will it all be worth it?

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Review by BoiSnake
06 Feb 2019
Complete garbage.

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