TRAPPED by Linaaa17

Willa undergoes a strange situation. She is trapped in an endless nightmare that makes her die so many times. Will she make it out of the nightmare or will she be trapped forever in the loop?
Review by WarriorsGamez
30 Jan 2023
It's nice, I loved reading the paragraphs and the ending is good. Though, I would have liked it to be a little longer and have an ending where she makes it out.

Review by Techno09
31 Dec 2022
It's OK, but I don't think people like reading thousand character paragraphs, and with many grammatical errors. The paragraphs should be MUCH shorter, and the dog breed, weapon selection, ect. don't affect much. In time loop games, the player must feel in control for them to work, but in this game, I don't feel in control AT ALL, probably because there is only ONE ENDING. I know this is your first game, but it still is bad.

Review by mick green
29 Dec 2022
Some good imagination at work, bit rough but some nice fresh ideas.

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Published 11 Nov 2022