The Occult - Chapter 1 by hannaljordan

A completely original story set in the Supernatural universe, "The Occult" is an urban fantasy road trip adventure, with a wide cast of characters, each with their own detailed histories and lives. In this first installment, we are introduced to our first main character, Emma Kurzenov, a lonely foster kid with way more books than friends. As Emma is thrust into the world of the supernatural headfirst, she'll have to survive before she can figure out what's happening to her. The first installment of "The Occult" is mostly linear, with a major choice at the end. Future installments will follow a similar model, with a small amount of incredible plot-critical choices.

Spoilers Ahead: The second installment will feature more of Lex and Ryan as Emma begins to learn more about the supernatural and what going with the siblings really means.
Review by Soulaimene
26 Aug 2019
A nice story but if you add pictures it will be better

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