The Library by Trekkie101

You have come to the largest library in the Universe, a library so large that it takes up an entire planet, with the goal of finding a way to stop the Vashta Narada swarm that currently threatens your home world. You arrive to find the library deserted of humanoid life, though you sense that something is there....watching you....and perhaps trying to help you. You set off on what you presume to be one of the most challenging adventures of your lifetime. This story accompanies GC5DQM8 on

Release 2 updates: -Used Aaron Reed's BENT technique to add detail to the story world, and to allow for greater exploration. -Removed a few misleading items from the game. -Coded the cable car so the game understands 'enter cable car' as well as 'in' (and vice versa). Also removed a glitch which made the cable car portable.

Release 3 updates: -Made Sector Tau Theta Puzzle significantly easier, to prevent frustration from being unable to catch the golden tome.
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