O cara que resolveu reclamar da vida. by Blotroop

"Você é Jõnthenberg um homem que vive o dia a dia sem grandes expectativas.
Um dia você percebe que a sua vida não tem lá muito sentido e resolve sair para descobrir se existe algum setor de reclamações."

Essa é uma história empolgante que envolve arte, filosofia e uma grande busca pelo sentido da vida.
Encare diversas possibilidades com 19 finais diferentes (até agora) e bastante interatividade.

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Review by Deckrect
03 Jul 2016
Very well, people. It should be at comedy, and not sci-fi section. It is a little bit surprising, as we do not see many games in Portuguese language here, and as i can see, this is Brazilian Portuguese.

Well, let's say the game has vague descriptions, a strange pacing of action, is a game gook - however lacking the "book" part of it - and is very short. Perhaps the best reason to place it as sci-fi is because it is light years away from a complete work. Look more as an experiment about the tool. The feeling is that the author do not took much time about what write on the game. Would be considered as a test, using humor "kind of" inspired on hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy.

I almost rated 1.

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Published 08 Aug 2015
Updated 11 Aug 2015