Labor in the Gilded Age by jacobs.tennyson

A simulation for students (age 12+) who will play the role of fictional but historically based players in labor struggles from America during the turn of the century. The scenario is roughly based on the Great Railroad Strike of 1877.

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Review by muskaa
26 Feb 2017
Great game! Not only did I learn about certain important historical events that occurred during the Gilded Age, but actually having the chance to step into the shoes of one of the poor migrant workers truly allowed me to see how in depth the struggle of workers was during that time.

Review by corey.butler
04 Mar 2016
no way to seize the means of production
no way for the proletariat to round up and slaughter the bourgeois in their homes
despite these glaring flaws 6/10 would unionize again

Review by Vetruvius
23 Feb 2016
Nice focus on the subject, but a bit obvious at times. Still, I enjoyed it.

Review by Kim75
10 Nov 2014
Really good focus on the subject and consequences. Definitely achieved goal of being educational.

Review by StudentUnion
09 Nov 2014
Great game, it really shows the students what options the workers had during the "Gilded Age". However, it lacked gruesome details to make the game more bloody, but overall it was really enjoyable.
Keep up the great work.

Review by NWOshill
05 Nov 2014
no magic missle/10
"It was okay"

Review by lorivillanueva
23 Oct 2013
Skuyler, this rocks!
I wish I had a teacher like you when I was in high school!

" ) Lori

Review by caleb rob
22 Oct 2013
this was just such a good game mate replayed 4 times

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