Among Us by PippyBoi

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This game is too short to be put into a category. Players expect games not to be all over within a few seconds.
a fun game based on Among Us, when it starts you choose between imposter or crewmate, then play the game out like normal.
Review by 13NewtonR01
18 Jun 2021
oof oof oof

Review by prattboi21
17 May 2021

Review by PUNKIN!
17 May 2021
wee smels like wee

Review by themehkidd
17 May 2021
poo smells like poo

17 May 2021
I love among us and this is a really cool story mode and I won great game !

Review by Caspar R
17 May 2021
It is so good and very poggers. He has knife to my head help me plseth

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