Downtime by phorcys19

You are an adventurer who's had a long journey fighting monsters and discovering treasures, but now you're back in town and all that work has worked up an appetite! The town is filled with delicious ladies, but be careful or you'll be the one on the menu.

Oral Vore
Same-Size Vore
Player/F Vore
F/Player Vore
Digestion/Fatal Vore

May contain scenes of a sexual nature

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Review by SeedlessMelon
11 Dec 2021
Great Game, but the thief encounter is broken. I can’t interact with the thief apart from using the knife, and then I have to go to another room and come back. Regardless of if I eat or spare her, moving afterwards will lead to her eating me. Please fix this along with the mechanic of having to go to another room and come back to interact with certain things

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