Welcome to Ponyville by Klondikekun

I'm going to make an ascii version of it some time later.

Game in the works about a pony (you) moving into Ponyville from harse conditions.

Update - Chapter 2 (Free Roam) - Still WIP But almost done

Free Roam is a mode in the game that allows you to explore Ponyville, Canterlot and other towns without having to worrying about events. During this time you will be able to shop, work jobs and hang out with characters to build relationships.

Most free roam work and relationship related events will take up a day.
Free Roam only lasts for a few days each time before an event maybe triggered. At the moment no events are planned so Free Roam and explore what I have finished so far.

-Cheerilee's First Quest
-Big Mac's First Quest
-Big Mac's Job
-Applejack's input (available after doing BM's quest)
-Applejack's Training
-Meeting Zecora
-Train to Canterlot
-Meeting the Princess
-Talking to Celestia
-Meeting Luna
-Talking to Luna
-Saving Spike
-Hanging with Twilight
-Rarity's Job
-Seeing Fluttershy
-Rainbow Dash's reminder (on day 13)
-Mr. Cake sidequest
-Lyra's sidequest

(Sidequest grant relationship and/or money bonuses but do not necessarily change events.)
-Rarity's First Quest
-Free Roam Train (More Cities)
-Rainbow Dash's First Quest
-Fluttershy's First Quest
-Chapter 3

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Review by youth44
25 Feb 2015
I love this, and totally wasted a lot of time playing this. The writing is wonderful and it's really addicting. My one problem is the calendar. I get excited for an event, but it just acts like a normal day. Rainbow Dash was supposed to pick me up, but nothing happened. Otherwise, this was a wonderful game. The story line is really cool.

Review by Gostindamis
14 Jan 2015
I was loving this game....until the day RD came to pick me up for the wonderbolt :/ man i really wanted to continue! I know this is the same as discord whooves's review, but i had the same opinion

Review by IamYurWifey
31 Oct 2014
please update

Review by CharlieChoski
06 Jun 2014
pretty greAT

Review by kirbymaster1
05 Jan 2014
A great game to people who wish to travel the town of ponyville. (now if only there was some for traveling the other parts of equestrian.<see what I did there).

Review by BlazingKritik
04 Jan 2014
I think you should REALLY update it. Like, make it as long as anybody wants. And add marriage....and...EXTEND THE STORYLINE! I wanted to see the festival! And the end of spring! 4 out of 5. FINISH IT.

Review by cheche
09 Nov 2013
Best story i read for a while... rating is a 4 untill game is finished... please finish ;-; will rate 5 when full game is done.

Review by Discord Whooves
01 Nov 2013
I was loving this game....until the day RD came to pick me up for the wonderbolt :/ man i really wanted to continue!

Review by duskshine
24 Oct 2013
over all I love this game but you could add at lease a random name for the ponies call the player

Review by bro1094
17 Oct 2013
I found a strange yet cool bug where after you give Mr. Cake the jar, go to Pinkie and click "Speak to" multiple times. each time you click, your relationship with her goes up just like that.

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