Welcome to Ponyville by Klondikekun

This game was added to the Sandpit for the following reason: Incomplete

The game appears to be unfinished, or is a demo of a longer work which has not yet been completed. Once the game has been completely written, it may be re-categorised.
I'm going to make an ascii version of it some time later.

Game in the works about a pony (you) moving into Ponyville from harse conditions.

Update - Chapter 2 (Free Roam) - Still WIP But almost done

Free Roam is a mode in the game that allows you to explore Ponyville, Canterlot and other towns without having to worrying about events. During this time you will be able to shop, work jobs and hang out with characters to build relationships.

Most free roam work and relationship related events will take up a day.
Free Roam only lasts for a few days each time before an event maybe triggered. At the moment no events are planned so Free Roam and explore what I have finished so far.

-Cheerilee's First Quest
-Big Mac's First Quest
-Big Mac's Job
-Applejack's input (available after doing BM's quest)
-Applejack's Training
-Meeting Zecora
-Train to Canterlot
-Meeting the Princess
-Talking to Celestia
-Meeting Luna
-Talking to Luna
-Saving Spike
-Hanging with Twilight
-Rarity's Job
-Seeing Fluttershy
-Rainbow Dash's reminder (on day 13)
-Mr. Cake sidequest
-Lyra's sidequest

(Sidequest grant relationship and/or money bonuses but do not necessarily change events.)
-Rarity's First Quest
-Free Roam Train (More Cities)
-Rainbow Dash's First Quest
-Fluttershy's First Quest
-Chapter 3

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Review by DJStarX15
16 Nov 2016
Very well done I do hope you continue the story and improve upon the things that needs improvement.

Review by Coorooo1-1
10 Jul 2016
Nicely done my friend. I do hope you continue the story and improve upon the things that needs improvement.

Review by Star396
07 Jul 2016
This is wonderful! It's so fun to play, and it's just so charmimg in my opinion. I can't wait for the next update!

Review by Istarian
14 Sep 2015
I tried it. It's not bad, although it feels a little bland and could use some more character. If you can, you should try to be a bit more detailed in your descriptions of locations. They are kinda boring and aren't really good at conveying which direction things are (or at least where I might want to head). It's utterly unclear how to get to Sugarcube Corner and while exploration is a good thing, wandering around blindly because I have no idea where I am going isn't really any fun. It would also be nice if the conversations could be made a little less perfunctory. I.e. the conversations are used solely as plot forces. One other thing is the interaction of the mane six with the character. Rather than each of the six saying something, you should use some of the character generation stuff (in some fashion) to decide which of the characters interacts with you (hopefully at least one) and maybe a brief conversation that may result into talking to one of the others. As is it feels unrealistic and a bit overdone.

Please improve the spelling and grammar! :) The formatting could use some work too... This sort of thing means a lot to the quality/enjoyment of a text game. An significant improvement in this department

I would give this a 4/10. A five point scale isn't adequate since this better than poor and technically okay, but it's still a bit of a ways from good. Improving the stuff I've described (and the spelling/grammar/formatting) would probably bring it to a 6/7 out of 10 in my estimation.

Review by Cloud Dash
19 Aug 2015
This is a really good text adventure, minus all the grammar and spelling mistakes.

Review by CommanderBuizel
07 Aug 2015
Truthfully, my rating is more likely 4.7/5, but the site does not allow me to go as much into detail. The game itself is amazing and I love playing it; I enjoy getting into the world and everything feels very nice and well put together.
All around my opinion is positive but my reason for writing this now is actually the straw that broke the camel's back that kept it from being fantastic; the game just has general problems here and there that are mostly small but weigh on me. The grammar isn't atrocious but it has it's faults, and I wouldn't mind ponies having a bit more to say, or even some ponies only having quests on certain days. Perhaps that's remidied farther into the game, but from where I am it isn't. What truly bothered me though is that there was an entire event (one that I was actually excited for) because my game would spontaneously end the day it began.
I was pumped and ready for the Wonderbolts event, but the moment I woke up, I'm told my game is over.

Review by pinkydash
05 Aug 2015
But bummer map no work I can't wait for updates I love that you can go to other cities and all dat junk awesome hame

Review by CraftyKat
22 Jul 2015
I got stuck partway through, and I just kind of clicked around a lot to get where I wanted to go. Anywho..

HOW DID YOU DO THIS?? I wish I could do things like you do. Really. Wow. Bravo!

Review by WOLVESCAST Kai
14 Jul 2015
its a really good game. when i get over the fact that i had to restart twice due to my stupidity... but thats a different story. i found it a good game, although it would be better if it was updated so that it goes on past day 14. also, there is a bug where when you give mr. cake the jar then talk to pinkie pie, you can talk to her multiple times and her relationship with you will keep going up

Review by MisterPibb316
25 Apr 2015
Had to do some figurative scratching of my head when considering how to rate this, because there is clearly effort in the narrative and the game's attempt at delivering it (it does so with some redundancy, but we're talking free games here, not something you bought off Steam or whatever.) Most Quest games are over in 5-10 minutes, while this one could take up an hour or more of your time, and I really do appreciate that.

The game abruptly ends at Day 14, which is the biggest issue. Other bugs include a broken map (even though the game apologizes for it being broken) and a black background that blocks some text (though briefly, so it's not a big issue.) I will say that if you're a MLP fan (I don't have much interest in the franchise one way or another--I played this game because it has a high overall rating), you'll likely have some fun with this, even if it's, seemingly permanently, unfinished.

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