The Walking Dead Season 1 - Episode 1 - Beginning Of The End Demo by Freddy Fazbear V3RM

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Inspired by the Telltale Games series "The Walking Dead" inspired by the comics by Robert Kirkman.

Credit to Skybound Entertainment, Image Comics, Robert Kirkman, Telltale Games, and me.

The story is tailored by how you play.

Your choices, actions, and everything you do, say, anything, may affect the game, it can lead to death, drama, and more.

Note - This is only the demo of Episode 1, the full episode will come out soon.

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Review by MrPikmin16
07 Jul 2015
Fake reviews are a no-no for me.

Plus, I thought that TWD story by HarjKS that you one-starred was much, much better.

Review by SivD1
17 Jan 2015
"You then hear a very loud scream.

"What the fuck was that?" Stephen asks.

"That was a scream!" You answer."

Sorry, I just had to post that, made me laugh pretty hard.

Anyways, review time. I see you have a story to tell, and I'm sure that the full episode will explore it deeply, but the demo didn't really cut it for me.

It got off to a bad start with the opening credits, to be honest. Though I don't see a problem with you doing them, I would rather you put them at the end, or possibly just make it one long line of text describing every credit. It kind of turns people off when they have to click continue over and over again (especially at the start!)

It's a demo, so I won't judge the amount of choices or the length. I'll be honest, Stephen seemed like kind of a dick for the time we've been with him. I don't mind having un-likeable characters in the series (especially in one such as The Walking Dead), but having a major character that you start off with (in this case, your brother), is a bit of an odd choice.

However, I didn't spot too many grammatical or spelling errors, so that's always a plus (though for the full version, I recommend going back and revising a bit). Also, the next time trailer was quite interesting, and seems that the full episode might hold some promise (whether all of the situations will actually happen, I will have to find out for myself).

Anyways, ok demo, but I'll check back when the whole thing's out. Good luck!

Review by GJ
17 Jan 2015
It's kind of annoying when you always have to press "continue" on the beginning, but the rest of the game is really well done. The "trailer" on the end makes me want to play whole game. Good work!

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