The Red Hair by Baboon Ben

You are a babysitting two kids but something just doesn't seem right...
Review by LeisureSuit Larry
26 Jun 2017
Multiple endings are good, It would have been funny if you can no longer hold your pee just as the parents came home and they find a wet patch in the bed, but that's just me.

Review by TheBoldWriter
25 Jun 2017
Okay? Maybe? Some haha was present and that was a good aspect. Was VERY simple and that's not always a good sign, even in a game like this. (Spoiler) The clown statue thing was good but there has to be another way the children could die. Like you go down to see the parents coming back and boom dead. If there would be a part where you can like fight or you have a straight encounter with the clown then it would be AWESOME!! Also there was a very minor grammar error after the choice 'Wait and knock again' there was a mistake. It's written "Finally the parents answers" which s wrong. It should be written as "Finally the parents answer". The "answers" should be "answer". Otherwise the grammar is okay. I wouldn't call this a 'Horror' game 'cause... Well nothing scary. Anyway. KEEP IT UP! And MAKE IT LONG!!!

Review by broadwaydude
25 Jun 2017
Umm, haha. Pretty straightforward messages for when you lose or win. I wouldn't say this was horror, but more comedy. How about both comedy and horror. Okay, that's enough. I would love it to be longer though. Good job!

Review by Tiff Tiff
23 Jun 2017
10/10, it is simple and easy to play. Well done Baboon Ben!

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Written by
Baboon Ben

Published 23 Jun 2017
Updated 27 Jun 2017