skin a gentle blue by cconstant

This is my first game of any sort, it is a horror puzzle game where you explore the pages of a religious tome, solving puzzles while slowly altering your body and mind.

It is recommended you play with the tab full-screened, as some assets are displayed improperly otherwise. It might be helpful to write certain pieces of information down if you find yourself struggling. If any issues are encountered while playing, feel free to contact me. I'm new to all of this, so any feedback of any sort is highly appreciated. If you find that the game has opened on a page that doesn't contain the game's title at the top, try restarting with the prompt at the corner.


You've found a strange tome, filled to the brim with cryptic writing and ancient methods of physical ascension. There is a certain life to the pages, and those who raise them find it difficult to stray their eyes. Explore the reaches of this mysterious religious text, solve the challenges held within, and come out the other end as something new.
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Published 13 Jun 2022