Welcome to Ponyville (0.3 demo) 2016 by Klondikekun

The revival of an old project ( 30th of October 2011?! Wow really?)
A simple text game based on MLPFIM about you being brought into Ponyville after escaping harsh conditions.

9/1/16 Update: I'm really working out the first main quests and the few you characters you can interact with in Chapter 2. Be warned there's still plenty of bugs and missing content but I'm trying to match that first release in 2011 in content before I move on to the rest of the game.

I plan to make the game shorter with tons of things to to do add to replayability.
Not much else to say. I'm sure there's plenty of bugs in this version since I started over from scratch..

So enjoy the change of direction. I plan to finish this game by the end of Season 6.

Type Unskippable Cutscene to skip the introduction and move straight to chapter 2!


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Review by Nabrea
08 May 2018
Download instead of playing it online

Review by Kyle Haeberle
31 May 2017
Glad you are back in the saddle again! Game was great before so now it can get better.

Review by AK1112
01 Mar 2017

25 Jun 2016
I love it! Just please finfish it and I hope you can fix the part where when you save and come back, you lose all your bits and stats but your progress kind of stays the same...... But it is good!

Review by FNAF_Lover55
13 Jun 2016
I am on the first chapter and it won't let me use the menu box to make a choice. It just keeps scrolling up and down from the option box and keyboard

Review by TheMajorCritic
20 Feb 2016
cant wait for the updates....that is if this hasn't died like his last version

Review by I love this place!
16 Feb 2016
I NEED you to finish this, okay? Okay!

Review by Prophet Dragon
21 Dec 2015
Beautiful, leaves me wanting more. Honestly i thought it was a average game till my athletic pegasus accidentally got reloaded and i choose a academic unicorn. Then when i met Celestia i changed my answer and was startled when she said "No", since i thought she would have said the same thing no matter what. I love the idea of being short but replayable. Hope you finish the game since season 5 has finished. However i would like to know why you changed the like/dislike point system. Kinda reminded me of Dragon Age or Mass Effect in terms of choice.
Final game probably will meet all my expectations for i have few since most of them have been met in the demo. Also wonder if Relationships in either way (Hate or Love) however i don't really care about 'dating' the characters. (As long as Flash Waifu Stealer won't steal her)...well...maybe a little.
Overall i wasn't disappointed in the style of the game since i love reading the descriptions and reactions of everything around me. (like the futon trying to talk back lol.) I seriously hope you finish it soon. would love to test and/or review it.

Review by TextDaily
09 Dec 2015
In total a good game! but 1. alicorn yes do it. im also making a game book about how steve get sucked into Equestria and its acutely accurate!

new 1.9 installment making a new portal to go trough once you beat the ender dragon. Check
New thing where the ender man will build a creeper face to respawn the ender dragon. Check
Minecraft: Story Mode has a giant monster and steve isn't there!. Check
Legendary Player Who is most likely to be an alicorn with his kind of godlike powers of minecraftia . Check.

I am ready to MAKE. THIS. GAME.

Review by Bronypal!!
25 Nov 2015
Glad to see it makes it return!

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