Alias 'The Magpie' by J. J. Guest

Sir Rodney Playfair, gentleman thief, has a simple plan: impersonate a psychiatrist, infiltrate a country house, steal a priceless Egyptian scarab and make it back to London in time for cocktails. All in a day's work for the illustrious 'Magpie'.

Alias 'The Magpie' is a comedy crime caper featuring deception, disguises and an escaped gorilla.

** WINNER of IFComp 2018 ** 1st Place overall; 1st Place, Miss Congeniality - 24th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (2018)

"It’s all about the text, which absolutely sparkles. Beautifully, professionally done – superbly implemented. Funny, clever and delicious." - McT's Interactive Fiction Reviews

"Alias ‘The Magpie’ plays like one of the best games from the Infocom era, but with a rich setting, motivated puzzles, and memorable characters." - IF Comprehensive

"Alias 'The Magpie' drew me in quickly, with its very English tone and sense of humor. I found it cleverly-written, well-implemented, and a lot of fun to play." - Mike Spivey, IFDB
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J. J. Guest

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Published 23 Jun 2019