The Walking Deadkoda | Episode 1: A New Deadkoda by TakutoUmata

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The Walking Deadkoda | Episode 1: A New Deadkoda starts the adventure of a mentally unstable high school student trying to survive in a zombie filled world.
This series adapts to the choices you make. The story is tailored by what you choose.
Inspired by the Telltale Games series "The Walking Dead"

Credit to Skybound Entertainment, Image Comics, Robert Kirkman, and Telltale Games
Episode 1: A New Deadkoda | Purchased, Installed
Episode 2: Starved for Deadkoda | Purchased, Not Installed -
Episode 3: Long Deadkoda Ahead | Coming soon
Episode 4: Around Every Deadkoda | Coming Soon
Episode 5: No Deadkoda Left | Coming Soon

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Review by MrPikmin16
25 Sep 2017
The Walking Deadkoda Episode 1:A New Deadkoda starts the series off on an extremely strong note. The storytelling is gripping and immersive, I have never seen characters seem so alive. You take the role of Dekoda, a man who may or may not be a killer, on his way to prison when all hell breaks loose. Along the way, you will meet many memorable characters such as...

*Kenny, a surfer from Venice Beach who is willing to do whatever it takes to survive if it means he can ride another wave.

*Carly, a gun-toting news reporter who won't be bossed around by anyone.

*Fernando, a male prostitute and goat farmer from Cambodia. He also boasts a giant spear which he hunts crabs with.

*Lily, some schizo that needs to take her Prozac.

*Randy, the charming but deadly transvestite.

And many more!

You will be forced to make extremely difficult choices that alter how the story progresses. The lives of characters rests in the palms of your hands. This series has the potential to take by storm and revolutionize the storytelling genre. With Episode 1 leaving such a strong impression, I am only yearning for more. I give A New Deadkoda a 5/5.


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