The Cataclysm of Chaos, V6 by lordpalandus

EDIT: Updated to V6 Release; a lot of new features in this release as well as numerous bug fixes.

EDIT1: Updated to V6, Hotfix 1. Fixes a few errors, and made sure this time to fix the ones I intended to have fixed, in particular the recasting of spells when a target dies, is now fixed. Also, due to my custom look command, I had to modify two commands; to look at spells, you now type "read spellbook" and to look at satchel, you now type "search satchel"; both of these are updated in my commands list (display info -> commands). Also, added specially tailored, boss rooms, for players to fight the boss in, to make it a bit more thematic and climatic.

EDIT2: Hotfix 2 released, which fixes a few harder to find logic errors, identified by a friend playtesting it. Also, reworded the Wasp Hive interactable and added a faster character generation system for those who know what each race does and just wants to quickly jump into the game; if you are a new player, I will suggest that you do type in "new" when prompted.

EDIT3: Hotfix 3 released. Increases challenge of monsters, the deeper you go (haven't touched traps yet as I have a different idea on how to make them consistently dangerous by applying debuffs). Fixed a rare edge case scenario with Spellcasting system, that prevented spellcasting after you miss-typed a spell name; this caused all the issues Zenaire encountered! Modified ambience system to post an ambient event in two places; room generation and monster death, rather than be on an annoying timer. Modified investigate object, to post an error and abort investigation if you type in incorrect text. Solved the error with the Iron Maiden, which prevented people from investigating it. All solved now; enjoy!

Updated to V6 Release. You can now acquire negative traits, phobias, by either triggering a trap at least 3 times or by dying (and gaining a second wind) from a creature. These traits will apply severe combat penalties while fighting a phobia and will prevent you from investigating interactables associated with your phobia. You can acquire positive traits, currently only by purchasing them from the Celestial, that will give you an extra edge; will need to figure out if they are too powerful or not. Added 5 new journal entries for Ruins, and have decided upon a few recurring characters as well as added two new backstory entries (may modify these in the future for clarity and ease of reading). Can repeat the room description by typing "look". Implemented boss abilities for Titan Warchief, Albino Great Wyrm, and Lich Queen, making each a significantly greater challenge. As implied by the backstory, you now have limited time to complete the game; you can view how much time is remaining by looking at your status attributes, on the right hand of the screen. You gain more time by killing Primal Chaos and Bosses, encouraging the player to kill them, and if you run out of time, it is of course, game over. Implemented the ambience system, that will produce unique ambience messages, depending on the section you are in, and produces one every 30 seconds. Implemented a new interactable, the Wasp Hive, so that you can get the insect phobia by triggering it's trap.

This game is a hybrid of a text adventure and a 90s dungeon crawler like Dungeons of the Unforgiven. It is currently in active development, but it is not finished. The first 4 sections (3 floors per section, boss found on 3rd floor) are built, and three distinct playstyles (that I've each tested) are viable to play; these are sword&board, assassin, and mage. You can develop your own playstyle and play the game as you see fit. There is 7 tiers of spells, of the planned 9 tiers. There is about 4-6 hours of content currently in the game, per tested playstyle. (so total of 12 to 18 hours if you tried each playstyle out).

If the game is popular I may go for a commercial release, on a platform like GoG or Steam.


The three best ways to get feedback to me are:

1) Post it in a thread in a forum for a different game that I'm a member of. I've been giving them updates on game development progress for the past couple years and thus that is why I have a thread there. I talked to an admin and they said its okay if I direct people to the specific thread. I also keep my up-to-date changelog for the next version release on said thread as well. I'll probably check back time to time here for feedback, but I'm more frequent there as that's where the majority of my friends are testing the game and providing feedback. A link to that thread =

2) Leave a review here.

3) Leave a comment here.

4) Leave a comment on the announcements page =

Hope you enjoy the game and are willing to give me feedback, even if it is negative, to help me develop in the best possible game and immersive experience as I can.

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Review by Zenaire
20 Sep 2017
This game is amazing!!

Although it is still relatively short and unfinished, what it presents is remarkably well-polished and plays flawlessly. The variety of monsters, spells, and items is incredible; I can’t even begin to imagine how many hours went into creating the game up to this point. I’m giving a full 5 stars because it definitely deserves it! There are a few areas that have room for improvement, but the biggest thing I can say is that it just needs… more; more monsters, more abilities, and more lore. There is a lot of potential here, and I’m really looking forward to where it will go in the future. Well done.


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Added 14 Sep 2017
Updated 17 Oct 2017