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My father vanished in the 1986.

I was too young to remember, really, and with my parents being separated by then, I didn't - and don't - have much to remember him by.

One thing was this game he was working on at the time of his disappearance. I don't understand how these things are built and I've never got into the details of the 'coding' but I've tried playing through the story, to try and find some kind of clue as to what happened to him.

To be honest, I looked deep into this when I was a teenager, then forgot about it for decades. Life, family, career all took over. I never really took it seriously.

But things have been happening recently, dots connecting in my life in a really strange way and it called me back to this. I work for a Book Publisher and I got sent a manuscript for something that seemed to detail his life. And then, I deal with permissions on rights to poetry. I was sent a request to use a clients work for a project, but the submission was plagiarizing my Father's own music. A massively obscure thing released on a tiny label. And then the music was later released and, well, it's complicated.

I thought someone here might be able to help unravel all of this. I'm sure there are answers in here. This at least starts autobiographical. He was working out on the moors, I think he was staying in a bunker. But beyond that, I don't know.

I wanted to share this with the community in the hope someone might find some answers. It's all original code and I don't think it was fully finished, but I believe it is a working version. Can you find something in here?

If you do, please contact me.

Eleanor Black

[email protected]

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Published 04 Aug 2022