Tale of the Starweavers by Angelique Vordan

Versions archive can be found here: http://www.philome.la/LyssaBarstow

Tale of the Starweavers is heavily influenced by Dungeons and Dragons. I made it originally as a world for myself, but figured I put enough effort into it that I should make it available to everyone. Every choice you make puts you on a different path. So far out of 121 now! branches only 8 or so lead to the same place. Within all this freedom- just as in life, there are some things you can't change. Will you rise up to meet your destiny, as a great sorcerer born with the power to move stars? Or do you flee from those who fear your gift?

Slay great beasts for kings in Avaress and quest to your heart's content with your warrior brothers by your side. Or just as easily leave everything you've known and wander the fields of Pendor as a silent monk. Discover the mystery of the dragon rider who dives through the sky like a bird. Encounter the creatures who rise up from the rift in the world to devour the shadows of humans.

This story will never be finished. If you reach the end of a path, choose another branch and see where the road takes you.

It's mainly an adventure story, but also an exploration of fate. In nearly every instance, the way you react to the situation determines what happens next. Certain things will always happen, though, no matter how you try to prevent it.

I strongly recommend if you run to the end of a content branch to start over and explore how something could have unfolded differently. Could you have saved this character? Would the box have opened on its own? Try picking options you wouldn't normally pick, and you will find a whole other story waiting for you.

Please leave a review. It's meant to be neverending, some might consider it a bad thing but it was intentional. Send comments or bug reports to [email protected]

*******Warning* I am not aware how to incorporate a save function, so please keep the tab open. If anyone knows how to fix this, please message me! Not sure why the download isn't being reviewed.. not sure how to convert it so you don't have to to use twine to download-play.
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