Treasures of a Slaver's Kingdom by Ghalev

In the cruel kingdoms north of the Viraxian Empire, a barbarian seeks treasure - and vengeance! Having escaped the clutches of the Slaver King, he has vowed to pillage the wealth of the kingdom ... then bring it to its knees. YOU are this barbarian. Weakened by your ordeal as a slave, wandering an unfamiliar realm filled with danger, you must use cunning, savagery, and something approximating English syntax to regain thy might, rally an army of friends to your cause, do repeated business with a Delicate Doxy, and do deadly violence unto the Slaver King!

Fans of Encounter Critical rejoice! The long-lost classic of text-adventure gaming is restored at last to a glory it never knew! Thrill to the savagery of the Sky Piranha! Marvel at the pathos of a love-struck Frankenstein! Mutate from exposure to unmodulated phasic radiation! Wield a rune-carved peg-leg Dwarf in your hand, and crush a wicked kingdom beneath your sandaled tread.

Note: This online version is a handy thing for those who've already played the game and just want to poke around it again ... but it's missing all the cool PDFs and such that come with the full .ZIP package (a free download, available at a few different places around the Web). It's playable, but without the docs it might get a bit confusing to a newcomer. Use the HELP command early and (if need be) often!
Review by JonQ
20 Apr 2020
This is a hilarious and well composed RPG! It will provide hours of amusement and adventure.

Review by blackknight
03 Dec 2017
Best RPG ever.

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