Super Omega Adventure Fantasy Story Game by Unicron9

This is a fantasy world story made so that any adult, male or female, can be immersed in the story, role-playing as yourself, and choosing what you want to do at specific pivotal moments.

There are 2 primary paths presented early on, both having multiple choices to make throughout those story paths, leading to one of many possible endings.

I have edited about the first 35% of each story path in this 1.5 edit version. There are definitely still typos throughout. Sorry. This took many hours to make and I just did it for fun.

Within the choice paths there is the possibility of sexually explicit and/or gory content.
All of this is easy enough to avoid altogether, but it is in there somewhere...
Some gore and adult humor is present no matter what choices are made.

Thanks to those who play it, and I hope you enjoy it!!
Please rate and/or comment! I'd be very interested to hear any feedback.

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Review by Simba6
06 Nov 2019
I enjoyed it, ofcourse things were a bit rushed but it's a short story and I like the premise. Honestly if there was a 100 hour RPG I could play with this kind of storyline with included romance between men and fantasy creatures like elves and other mystical beings I'd give an arm or leg to play it if it was immersive enough.

Review by HappyLunk
21 Jul 2018
Excellent! I love the fantasy aspect to it. Best part so far: The Death Of The Bragging Jackass Elf.

Review by Logof
28 Mar 2018
Not kind of what I have expected, but I really enjoyed the game. The characters were really well-made and the story hooked me on to the game in an amazing way. It could have been better with images, but still, some choices really make you question yourself what to choose, and it was a delightful experience. The "I have to go back home" was a bit anticlimatic, but still, congratulations.

Review by Razieal
01 May 2017
Not quite what I expected, but enjoyed it.

Review by feartheD
25 Apr 2017
Honestly it's a shame this doesn't have more plays/reviews.
Really good, had good lore and was pretty long with replay value.

Review by Acedia
11 Apr 2017
well written story. surprised no one give review about this

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