The Pharaoh's Vizier Escape Room by KFL

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Have a pen and paper handy. Pay attention to descriptive details, including numbers and colors of objects. When you come across something that seems interesting or odd, WRITE IT DOWN. Rooms are entirely self-contained; when you are able to get to the next room, you are done with all the puzzles in your current room. No knowledge of ancient Egypt is required for this room.

When unsure what to do next, type "look" into the command box to look around the room and remind yourself what is there.

If you have never played a text-based adventure game before, copy and paste this link for a quick summary of what everything is:

THE SETTING: You are a young noble serving the Pharaoh of ancient Egypt. He has just announced that he is in need of a new Vizier, but will take only the cleverest and wisest as his counselor. To determine your abilities, the Pharaoh has devised a series of tests; only those who can overcome them can hope to be promoted to the high honor of Vizier. Undeterred, you enter the tests with confidence and determination.

The whole experience should take somewhere between 30-60 minutes to complete, but there is no hard time limit. We suggest it for ages 10+, but any age is free to try.

Ready? Scroll down and click the big green "PLAY' button. Good luck!

(Photo credit to Pixabay, Britannica, Wikipedia, and Penn Museum.)

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