GUNTER.EXE Chapter 1 G R A V I T Y (demo) v1.5.7 by GalaxyHunter

This game is unlisted. Only those with the link can see it.
This demo is still undergoing construction due to it’s massive layout. I will most likely will have to do the full versions in chapters instead of one big story due to it’s complexity, and the time it will take to finish it.
This chapter demo may or may not work completely and efficiently due to complex passwords cross-referencing over each other.
But feel free to note any/all bugs and mistakes and comment them to help this game out.

Though this may be a demo, please remember things are still needing buffing, polishing and rebuffing. When you start the game, and/or play the game, I strongly suggest to pay attention to some passages and/or sections as they may contain important information, or clues to solve a puzzle in a different room.

Please note, this game is supposed to be categorized as puzzling, humorous, mystery, and si-fi(as it is set in the future, so parts may seem a little odd.)
Review by YyottaCat
19 Oct 2018
Nice challenge, but I think some people might cheat.

Review by JakarottDBZ
16 Oct 2018
Really nice. I see you have put a lot of effort into this game.
I just have a few suggestions:
1. Reduce the difficulty of the maths, because obviously, some people haven't learnt those kinds of mathematics. Reduce the math to only addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Maybe you can go a bit further but just reduce the difficulty.
It's also going to get boring when the player is actually stuck on the problem or what to do so yeah.
2. The font and the background. They don't fit with each other. I dunno if it's just me or not, but stuff such as the yellow font on the blue background hurts the eyes, the white font on black background hurts the eyes as well. So i recommend changing some of them.

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