A Jewish Journey by annefrankely69

Help Logan Kitteringham, a Jewish business owner living in Nazi Germany, escape the troubles World War 2 poses and the Holocaust.

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Review by Nick Holmes
14 Dec 2017
Poor writing, misspellings, and absurd details like "Logan Kitteringham" being the least Jewish name possible for a protagonist. Even on it objective merits, this story is trash.

Add in the usual non-stop victim fetish, and you see why everyone is tired of the wealthiest demographic thrusting old news about a possible Holocaust in our faces. You're the most wealthy and privilege group in America. You control Hollywood, the News Media, the Ivy League universities, over-represented in the legal and courts systems, a large number of government bureaucrats, and much of the banking and financial system. Get over it. Quit trying to guilt those who rescued you.

Review by MajorBrot
06 Jun 2016
Really enjoyed it! :)

Review by MrPikmin16
08 May 2015
Enjoying it so far! :')

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