Lila by MandiJourdan

You find yourself alone in Manhattan, knowing only your name. You soon realize that you have superhuman abilities and that you're being hunted, and your memory comes back to you in flashes. In your dreams, you see yourself holding a man at gunpoint. But you couldn't really have killed someone. Of course not.

(Adaptation of the short story "Lila" and the novel Lacrimosa by Mandi Jourdan.)
Review by rachiemeow
25 Oct 2019
This game, even though barely anyone has even commented or rated is simple yet it has these lines that make you feel like you are Lila herself. It really is a nice game, however, the end of the game is does not really feel that complete which is kind of disturbing to me because of all the excitement and anticipation that I felt while reading the lines and then all of a sudden the game has already ended.
But one thing I kind of appreciate is that if you ended the game badly, it would say, "The End". But if you ended it in a good way, it says, "The Beginning".

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