A Pokemon Go Hunt (BASIC 1) by CuriousGeorge

The Family Review

1st Review: The story is full of silly choices. Even though I don't like Pokemon a on daily basis, I still enjoyed the story.
-Jim W. (dad)

2nd Review: The story is very creative. I have no 'I don't like' comments about this story. I couldn't believe my daughter actually wrote the story.
-Abby W. (mom)

3rd Review: As the creator, I hope everyone will enjoy this story. I recommend this story for ages 6+, because of the decision making at the beginning of the story. Thank you!
-Josie W. (daughter/creator)

Review by WallyTextLover13
19 Feb 2021
I can see you are still working on the game. First, the game couldn't work on my Kindle for security reasons, and then I lose by taking my Digglet to the hospital??? What?
Overall, a cute but poor game. 2/5 stars.

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