Zombies at School by Jude B

Gett owt of da skool orr u bee kiled dead by da zombee

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13 Sep 2019

The story is OK I guess but it's a little boring and there's some punctuation mistakes

Review by broadwaydude
09 Jun 2019
Very basic and elementary. Very short and boring. Sorry.

Review by human9
29 Mar 2019
This game is very short and has lots of cheap deaths, also the person who made this keeps leaving reviews on other games that have nothing but a link to this game.

Review by Lovepaw
28 Mar 2019
Super boring.

Review by 11mcclayp01
27 Mar 2019

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Written by
Jude B

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Written for Quest 5.8
Added 25 Mar 2019
Updated 28 Mar 2019