Tea House by amyyang027

Find Your Way to the Tea House!!! You will meet people, be careful with them!!!

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22 May 2017
*Walks towards amyyang027, farts, and walks away* #DRIVE BY!!!!! ahem... ANYWHO! This game lacks detail... ADVENTURE! The teenager doesnt talk, and I couldnt end the game. I always encounter Unknown 717... and not even any discription for anywhere. AND WHO THE !?#* SAYS THERE IS AN A SPRING! WTF DO YOU DO WITH LIFE?! ahem sorry about that. Point is that I personally think that this should be put in sandbox because of lack of description and the game never ends. Thank you for your cooperation. :)

Review by Regisblackgaard
03 Dec 2016
this might be very hard to read, but your game sucks.
the main reasons why: (although there are more)

this game was extremely shallow. there was no storyline, no detailed descriptions of characters and objects, and no goal(s)/puzzle(s) to complete. I couldnt take anything or use anything, and overall, it was really boring. It never got a hold of my interest and i dont think it will get anyone's.

You may say that the goal was to: "Find Your Way to the Tea House!!!" but when i actually got to your stupid little tea house, the game didn't even end. And then if i go to Unknown 717 after i meet the derpy little teenager, it will say that i have MISSED the teaparty. Umm, what??

at one place it says you meet An Old People. ok??? what??? and then it says you are in an a spring. what does "in an a spring" even mean??? same problemo with the teenager, except that this time it says that i am INSIDE the teenager? what am i, a piece of shit?

Lots of unexplained stuff like i am saved from thousands of zombies. Umm how? and it says that it took 24 hours to fight against them. I would have fallen asleep by then, just like i fell asleep after 5 minutes of your crappy game.

This game is too short. Nuff said.

Finally, this game is amateaurish and i would not recommend it to anyone on this site. If you actually like this game, go to hell. You may be new, but try working on your game again before publishing it.



Review by MooCow
03 Dec 2016
pro tips:

- If you're going to add objects, always put a description. The dreaded, "nothing out of the ordinary" is a sure sign of a badly made game. And "looks scary" isn't a good description for a giant mountain.
- Why were we trying to go to the tea party? Why were there zombies? Why did you attempt to create an event with zombies by putting them in the room description, thus making the player encounter them each time they entered? This doesn't make sense.
- What was the point of the old people, and the description for this game being "you will meet people, be careful with them"? As far as I could tell, the "people" were just objects that did absolutely nothing.
- When creating objects, please fix the prefixes, otherwise we get "You can see a An Spring" and it's off putting

I dunno why I made this list really, as you probably won't listen and will continue to feed the sandbox, but all in all, please at least put effort into a game before publishing it. I honestly don't see why people do this, what you expect from us?

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