Lumberjack's Quest by Phil Barker

You have been working as a lumberjack for the past 3 years. One day a man called Jack comes into your shack, so you let him stay. Perhaps it was just drunk talk, but Jack tells you of some hidden treasure, treasure that could solve your many debt problems.

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Review by Matthew G
25 Oct 2003
The concept of this game is poor, but the map is good and so is the storyline

Review by Carlii Cortez1
01 Jul 2002
Don't be put off by the puzzling forest at the start, because I can gurantee you that if you try hard enough you'll beat it and gain access to some tasy puzzles. Still, lack of interest in this game was the one factor that brought it's rating down. Also, many will give up in the first minute or two. Some gliches are also present.

Review by Tyrant
01 Jul 2002
I pretty much feel the same as Carlii does about this game. It's not bad, and the forest maze in the beginning is quite tedious since you have no way of knowing where to go. It's pretty much trial and error, and looking at the room's name (forest1, forest2, forest3, etc). I pretty much lost interest in this game since there seems to be not much thought to it, though I like the idea of the Imp constantly appearing and giving you riddles (even if they are quite easy). The author also forgot to include the map as you are shown a picture of a map... but an error comes up since he forgot to include it (and the path is wrong). Besides, it's in BMP form so the download would be longer than it should.

Anyway, it's a start, but unfortunately I'll never finish it.

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Written by
Phil Barker

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Written for Quest 2.1
Added 26 Aug 2001