So fun to be a Scientist by tiger189a

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(Contains Macro/Micro stuff, be warned!)

So, yeah, I can't really say anything that wouldn't spoil the game....

Friendly tip: Looking at something might reveal something else!

-Removed a bug caused by eating food before shrinking Corinna (Thank you Daze273 for telling me)
-Decided to look for more bugs caused by the last updated being a little rushed at the end. I might even find a way to integrate a cut room!

-Next apartment
-Bugs removed
-10 tons of instant noodles eaten

-Called the exterminator (Bugs removed)
-Added another apartment
-Gave the tubes a purpose
-Removed Herobrine
-More stuff

-Bugs killed!
-Made the lab easier to find (Come on, it wasn't THAT hard)

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Review by aceshley1989
17 Oct 2019
this an awesome game! if you decide to update my request would be a girl from go nagai's the devil lady?

Review by GR
29 Jan 2018
Great game! If you decide to update, my request would be maybe a girl from Pokemon?

Review by Bobbyman1
23 May 2017
You swear in this not good for kids. -100.

Review by Pikanati
23 May 2017
This game is horrible! It makes me sick!

Review by Daze273
12 Jan 2017
Great game! Great pacing albeit a little too open to interpretation, causing me to get really lost. Great work in progress and has a great story with interactions so far. Keep up the good work! I look forward to your next update ^^

Review by Gibby7777777
10 Jan 2017
Fantastic game

Review by Tommy417
27 Nov 2016
It's fun but still unfinished

It's a Giantess/Shrink story. if this isn't your thing or you don't know what that means, I suggest you leave now.

Review by Pkbeast
21 Nov 2016
This is a great start to a fantastic story. Keep up the good work. Having trouble finding the secret but i'm sure I've done everything else!

Review by sctheriault
31 Oct 2016
Still in its early stages, but I certainly like where it's headed. I'm stuck at the moment though I've talked to the secret and lara and got the key, but I don't know what to do with it.

Review by Regisblackgaard
30 Oct 2016
Revenge.... And this game is boring. I mean really, tiger189a? You give my perfect game a disrespectful comment and your game is SHIT!

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