A Tiny Adventure - Shrunk in the park by TinyNoah

Hi everyone, this is my first attempt at an interactive "story" on this site.

So don´t expect too much.

If you have any suggestions for improvement or just feedback on the death scenes (are they too long/short or not enough details), feel free to post them in the comments!

This ineractive "story" is more about death scenes than a actual good storytelling. So if you are looking for more than the classic "you got shrunk and have to try to get big again" story, you will NOT find it here.

v1.2 - 17.02.2023
- New areas: Restroom
- 7 new deaths (total 20)
- Added content filter

--> Note:
With filters you can now disable content you don´t want to see in the game.
Currently you´re only able to turn off all toilet related "dirty stuff" with a filter in your inventory.
Some people may be disgusted by this, so I don´t want them to run into this stuff by accident.

v1.1 - 05.02.2023
- New areas: Picnic area
- 9 new deaths (total 13)
- Added this update log
- Added "restart" and "return to last room" option after deaths

--> Note:
Both restart options currently maintain game progress.
For example, the searched pebbles at the beginning will remain searched when you restart.
The same applies to inventory items when i add them.
As long as this does not cause me any further problems, I will keep it that way for now.

v1.0 - 01.02.2023
- New areas: Bench, Walking path, Public restrooms
- 4 new deaths (total 4)

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Review by cutetiny64
26 Apr 2024
I wish there was more to do maybe add some way to get someones attention that doesn't result in death maybe they bring you home with them or use you as a sex toy or add more ways to go and more things to do cause only having a total of 4 deaths is kinda boring but with that said it is a good text adventure if short and simple hope tinynoah comes back and updates it soon

Review by Lrodshrek
22 Aug 2023
Really Epic

Review by Weevers666
11 Apr 2023

Review by ermosas
17 Mar 2023
Amazing! Love the toilet interaction! Thank you for adding that. Would love to see even more.

One wish would be that one wouldnt die immediately after pressing an option, rather having the text flowing bit by bit, maybe with a possibility of affecting the story line as it happens.

I really like that you have a back button after a death! Great work man!

Review by Nico Nico Ni
15 Mar 2023
Your choice of words and your style of writing fits this game incredibly well!

Review by terrytaken
19 Feb 2023
Pretty great so far, I’ve yet to come across any bugs. Also well written

Review by Deathfromarras
04 Feb 2023
Hmm its okay try adding some new characters

Review by Txtadventurer
03 Feb 2023
Very promising game!
I quite like your writing, and the technical side is well done aswell.
I'm looking forward to future updates.

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