Warriors CYOA }SunClan{ by Shallsicorn11

-Potential Gore, Death, and Violence warning.-
-LGBTQ+ Friendly-
-Credit goes to Erin Hunter, the creator of the Warriors franchise-
-Please keep in mind that this is my first CYOA-
-Feel Free to leave a review so that I can improve this story to the best of my abilities-

}~> Synopsis <~{

You are an apprentice of SunClan, you go by the name of Lostpaw, and you are the apprentice of Spicestream. You are the daughter of Vixensnout and Eagleeye, and you’re littermate is Brinkpaw. There are many paths you can choose from, but be careful, you don’t want to get anyone killed. Now, I won’t give too much away as this story is a work in progress, but let’s just say that there’s going to be a couple of surprises along the way. Without further a-due, let’s get you started.



July 20, 2020: This game is currently in the stage of being proof read, checked, and reviewed for suggestions, and most pathway has not yet been updated. Please leave your suggestions and feedback in the review section below!


SunClan is bordered by MountainClan (West Border) and MapleClan (East Border). MistClan lives across the river on their South-West border.

The Twoleg places is east of both MistClan and MapleClan. The Gathering Place is a clearing just past SunClan’s South Border. And the MoonPool is a slightly longer trek South-West of MistClan. SunClan’s Northern border is neighboured by unknown territories.



Leader: Flutterstar - Pale brown she-cat with darker boots and tail tip, with light-cream undertones blue eyes

Deputy: Eagleeye - White tom with brown patches around eyes

Medicine cats : Tansysnow - Tortoiseshell she-cat with white chin and belly, green eyes
Nettlestep - Pale grey-brown tom with black stripes, blue eyes

Warriors: Darkmask - Dark brown tom with black around eyes and paws, light brown eyes
Beetlewing - Pale grey tom with brown flecks, violet eyes
Stormstripe - Dark grey tom with swirled stripes, amber eyes
Vixensnout - Ginger she-cat with darker splotches, green eyes
Gladespot - Speckled cream tom with black tail, cherry coloured eyes
Springstalk - Pale sandy-yellow she-cat with white splotches, green eyes
Spicestream - Pale ginger tom with black ears, top of muzzle, and tail tip, blue eyes
Scoreclaw - Scared black tom with grey flecks, yellow eyes
Leafcloud - Ginger-grey tabby she-cat with black belly and chest, orange eyes
Meadowlark - Lilac tortoiseshell she-cat with white forehead, amber eyes
Waspsting - Dark grey tom with cream stripes, nectar coloured eyes
Harewink - Black tabby tom with white tail bars, blue-green eyes
Woolprick - White tom with grey tips, baby blue eyes
Talonstripe - Dust-brown tom with multi-coloured patches, amber eyes
Minkleaf - Blue-grey she-cat with darker ears and boots, mint-green eyes
Funnellight - Caramel-tortoiseshell with white chest, lilac coloured eyes
Dappledsky - Speckled ginger tabby she-cat with white stripes, sky-blue eyes

Apps: Curlpaw - white she-cat with black muzzle and grey tail stripes, baby-blue eyes
(Mentor: Meadowlark)
Podpaw - dusty brown tom with lighter hues, brown eyes
(Mentor: Minkleaf)
Brinkpaw - pale calico she-cat with golden socks, lime-green eyes
(Mentor: Gladespot)

Queens: Brackenroot - Fluffy silver she-cat with dust-brown splotches, golden eyes
(Kits: Fluffkit - Tabby grey she-kit, green eyes
Doekit- pale brown she-kit with dust-brown splotches, golden eyes,)

Valleyfur - Pale cream she-cat with black patch around left eye, cherry blossom-pink eyes
(Kits: Flakekit - white she-kit with cream patch on left eye, blue eyes
Gorsekit - Pale cream tom with black stripes, pink eyes
Snapkit - white tom with black stripes and black patch around left eye, deep blue eyes)

Molewind - Chocolate-tortoiseshell she-cat with one green eye and one brown grey-blue eye
Dewwhisper - Light brown she-cat with dark stripes down back, one white leg, violet eyes

Elders: Manglefoot - Chocolate brown tom with long fur and lame foot, orange-red eyes
Frizzlefang - Golden she-cat with one cream foot, dark green eyes
Skyfang - Purple-grey she-cat with white splotches, green eyes
Jinxcloud - Curly furred, grey tom with brown stripes
Splashberry - pale ginger tom with brown patches and one eye, green eye


🍁MapleClan 🍁

Leader: Foxstar - Dark ginger tom with white boots and black ears, green eyes

Deputy: Nectarfang - Creamy-yellow she-cat with darker undertones, brown eyes

Medicine-Cat: Brackenwillow - Black tom with grey paws, pale pink eyes

Medicine-Cat Apprentice: Snowpaw - white she-cat with red eyes



Leader: Fallenstar - Pale brown tabby tom with brown eyes

Deputy: Wishcloud - Golden, speckled she-cat with lighter undertones, green eyes

Medicine-Cat - Sapsnow - Off-white she-cat with slightly darker splotching, violet eyes


Leader: Emberstar - White she-cat with ginger splotches, orange eyes

Deputy: Ospreyfeather - Dark brown tabby tom with white ears and tail tip, blue-green eyes

Medicine Cats: Cranewing - Pale grey tabby tom with golden mussel and boots
Petalwish - Dark grey she-cat with ginger boots and tail, lilac-purple eyes


YES, I know. 80% of these designs are not realistic in any way-shape-or form. But I, not going for realism here, if you’re looking for realism, this isn’t the place. I want all my characters to be unique, and besides we’re talking about cats who cat heal wounds by licking chewed up plants onto them and somehow not getting the bacteria in their mouths not in the wounds. Realism went out the window a long time ago. Also for the other clans I only did the high ranks, because that’s all you need to know.

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Review by Battybait329250
14 Jul 2021
This is probably the best warrior text adventures ever played! The story is interesting,
It’s written very well,
I like how characters call you “hun”
And I think it isn’t too short, I applaud you and hope you work on it more!

Review by PietroXI
28 Jul 2020
Wonderful game! You have a real skill for writing. Definitely keep up the great work, this is certainly one of the best Warriors-related games on the site.

My only nitpick is that the color of the text and background is a bit harsh on the eyes.

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