A House of Love by LoveStories

Welcome to A House of Love!

This is an interactive story that follows the couple Sophia and Alex as they explore the world and each other.

Warning: This story has strong sexual themes and language, although it does indeed have a plot. You get a lot of control over how explicit it gets, but it does heavily depend on mature content.

Sexual Language
Explicit depictions of sex
Some kinky stuff like: bdsm
and more to come in the future1
Each choice you make affects the choices you get in the future, so choose carefully!

<This game is a WIP and I will add to it as often as I can>

Reviews and honest feedback are always welcome!
Review by GallifreyG
12 May 2019
I know that this is a very short story and hopefully you will add to it, but I'm already really into it and I hope that you write more soon!

(Ps. there are a couple spelling errors, maybe just double check those before posting.)

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