Krystal's Cave Adventure v1.2 by Krystal08

You have fallen down a hole and landed in a cave with passages and rooms carved out of the rock. Your task is to safely get out but this could be a bit of a challenge and you will need to find clues and solve puzzles to achieve this.

Although the inhabitants of the cave are harmless and the cave is quite safe, you should look around carefully to find clues and objects which will help you find the exit. Good luck!

Note: Although not a huge game, with less than a dozen locations, there are many challenges and we are sure this will provide players with at least several hours of entertainment. It is also strongly advised that you save often as you may want to restart with what you learn through past tries. If you get stuck look harder and go over your steps but don't give up. If you really get stuck you can ask us for clues at [email protected] Enjoy!!

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Review by JonQ
19 Aug 2020
This game is clever, well written, fun, and seems to be in the good old style of text adventures. I have played several times, trying everything I can think of. Sometimes I'm able to chip away another little piece of a puzzle. I don't want it to be easy, but I do wish it were just a tad more intuitive. But from what I can tell, it's a good design. The responses are enjoyable when you try something or interact with artifacts in the maze. I will have to keep trying!

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Published 14 Oct 2015
Updated 02 Oct 2019