The Adventures of Batman: Rise of the Riddler by CountCadbury

A new day dawns in Gotham... Robin has been kidnapped, a villainous scheme is afoot, and a mysterious pall hangs over the city... In this thrilling continuation of the epic text-based Bat-Saga, The Adventures of Batman, play as BATMAN as he struggles to unravel the confounding conundrums of Gotham's most esoteric evildoer, THE RIDDLER, going to any lengths necessary to save his young ward ROBIN and protect the city of Gotham from any and all vile villains who would seek to conquer it. Will you help Batman solve Nygma's latest baffling caper, or will the people of Gotham be forced to surrender to his sadistic whims? (it depends on if you play it or not, honestly.)

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Review by broadwaydude
25 Nov 2021
Going off of the review below me, this game is really funny, but not very interactive. I didn’t feel like my choices were altering the story very much. Some more versatility would make this game super awesome. I’m giving it one more star than the one below because I was still personally able to enjoy the game.

Review by avatar.png
02 Jul 2020
Tbh I don't wanna give this a negitive review because the game isn't bad. It's increadible. But it's just not for me. The path is very predetermined and I don't feel like Im making any choices. I feel like Im reading the script for a movie. So this isnt bad by any stretch of the imagination. It just wasnt for me

Review by Savio
23 Jun 2020
I can only picture the Jim Carrey one.

Review by hazabobazza
16 Aug 2019
Made me laugh a lot more than I was expecting, thank you

Review by Senya67
16 May 2019
It's awesome! And fun! Play it! Don't forget to play as Alfred too!

Review by wiseowltui
05 Oct 2018
Absolutely incredible! Love everything about this :)

Review by crowbardoctor
28 Sep 2017
9.9/10 masterpiece

Review by LivingSyn
25 Apr 2017
Another absolutely fantastic Batman adventure, mah boi! Wouldn't mind seeing one with Bane, and maybe a teamup with Catwoman?

Review by snazzy ray
10 Mar 2017
Love this series! Please make more.

Review by Brrad
10 Mar 2017
Best one yet!

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