Why me? (Giantess game)-Chapter 4! by Some Random guy!!!

Your name is Riki your a 25 year old man and you wake up in a bed strange room. The room is small and you don't remember how you got there. You see a door on the opposite wall but, you get the feeling that what's behind it might be really good or really bad.

-added game
-few deaths so far.

-added Chapter 2
-new character
-new room
-more deaths

This is just a test for chapter 3 so dont expect much but the introduction to the next character and one death.

-added chapter 3!
-New Character
-New deaths
-First Boss!

Added Checkpoints for after deaths!
Can skip to later chapter's in the beginning

-Chapter 4 completed!
-New Boss
-New Deaths

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Review by Sans_Bleck
24 Nov 2023
Muito legal mano

Review by icelightning478
25 May 2023
Noice job dude keep up the good work

Review by RavenFemboi26
24 Feb 2023
I love this so far. I am excited for what is coming

Review by Weevers666
29 Dec 2022

Review by Johnson Not to
04 Apr 2021
When will the next update be boss?

Review by nederjouini
23 Dec 2020
i really like the game and can't wait for the next update

Review by Qwertguy12
05 Jul 2020
Great job! I want to rate this 4.5 only because restarting without a save feature is tedious

Review by Hiroszimag
01 Jun 2020
Nice start

Review by mikecari
17 May 2020
This is really good. Nice job!

Review by Yeeter_Peter
25 Feb 2020
im hyped for the next update

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Written by
Some Random guy!!!

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Written for Quest 5.8
Added 08 Dec 2019
Updated 08 Apr 2022