SCP Foundation *Bye Dr. Shade* by ToxicWither

Welcome to the SCP Foundation. An Organization With A murky past that finds and catalogs anomalous objects and entities that endanger mankind with extraterrestrial, extra-dimensional, and sometimes extra-universal threats. D-Class inmates are used for human testing in every aspect to try and understand these Objects.

The SCP Foundation Follows the slogan "Secure. Contain. Protect."

Secure: They Secure Objects to keep them from causing danger to themselves or mankind, and are given a SCP number like 173.

Contain: They Contain the SCP in a Cell or Containment room to do best and try and use them to advance in science and technology.

Protect: They Protect the objects from other hands that could use them for dangerous purposes. Also Protect man kind for their sake of normalcy.

We Fight The Things in the Dark So You Could Live in the Light.
SCP Foundation.
Have fun being a Death row inmate working in the foundation! Lots to see!

096 is already in development for Alpha 9!
Also a new Dr. will be working with you after 173...

**Players! I am currently working on a youtube project about the SCP foundation I will tell you when it's done**

Current Characters:
-You (Cole Simmons D-Class 3241
-Dr. Shade

Current SCPs:
-SCP-087 The Stairwell
-SCP-173 The Sculpture
-SCP-131 Eye-Pods

Alpha: 6/13/14

Alpha 2: 6/14/14
-Gorge room
-Cheats mode(type "cheats" to activate)

Alpha 3: 6/14/14
-more story
-Agreement Of Freedom
-fixed bug
-added new cheat

Alpha 4: 6/15/14
-3 new cheats (updated help also)
-more story
-Foundation yard
-bug fix
-more organized design
-sour candy(health)

Alpha 5: 6/20/14
-more story
-Dr. Shade
-Giant door
-Admin Room
-Start Menu
---087 comes in next update Alpha 6 sorry.

Alpha 6: 6/29/14 *087*
--more story
-Bug fix
--Super Secret Cheat
-you now can walk to van
-you now can go in the Admin room
-Dr. Shade follows you. (not the creepy way)
-Hall 1
-Circle Hall
--Your Room
-changed background image
--Day Cycle Added!
-branch halls
--2 New Cheats
-SCP 087 hall
---****SCP 087!!!****
-tweaked Dr. Shade
-fixed elevator bug
-level 4 card
-flash light

Alpha 7: 6/29/14 (mainly more pictures)
-Removed Bed in prison cell (waste of room)
-Photo exploration for 087.
-Ready for day 3!

Alpha 8: 7/3/14 SCP-173!! (still some bugs)
-More Story
-Secret death
-Fixed 087 door problem
-Added Undo command
-Added New Cheat (type Cheats to see)
-Added Achievements Command
-Added 3 Achievements
-Added 173's hall
-Added 173's container
-Added 173
-Added 131
-Added cleaning stuff
-Added Day 2

Alpha 8.5: 7/3/14 Bug Fixes
-Fixed SCP-173's container so that you can actually go in it.
-Fixed Bug that kept Dr. Shade from moving.
-Fixed Bug that made Weird Entity spawn in the wrong room.

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Review by i<3giantess
26 Aug 2018
its okeeee :3

Review by slimehero
06 Oct 2016
boo I hate this game 1/100000000000000000000000000000000000

Review by Aivoras
26 Feb 2015
really fun although I it was kinda confusing after SCP 087 I did not know where to go and since I kept getting the same messgages from earlier I just wondered and was killed
so 4/5

Review by ZacxradSF
08 Jul 2014
Yay! So fun!

Review by Scp 173
30 Jun 2014
Wow! I'm finally going to be in one of these text adventures! And I just laughed so hard at 087's attack scene! Keep up the good work and can you add shy guy after 173?

Review by TheHatMan
29 Jun 2014
The game continually runs into a script error if you click continue. The only way around it is if you play it not like a gamebook.

Review by SkyPen
29 Jun 2014
This is pretty awesome for a text adventure! Also good job on SCP 087, but please in the next update get rid of some of those bugs! And do you work there or something? /: Because you seem to know a lot... And what's your next SCP??? 173... 106.... 999...

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