WARRIOR CATS BECOME LEADER PART 1 ( i'm new don't judge ) by WarriorCats122

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hey guys soz im new at this so i didnt do it propably but whatever so you basically scroll downnnn nnnnnn XDDDDDD
im making part two so i think i may get the handle of it so far XDDD X333333
21 Aug 2019
I'm sorry, I don't usually give bad reviews, but seriously?! The spelling! And it's just a page of stuff. You can't do anything, apart from read, and it's only one page long! We don't expect a game to end so quickly!!!

Review by Bobbybird2017
18 Feb 2018

Review by MooCow
02 Jul 2016
Pro tip: This is a website for interactive fiction, otherwise known as textadventures. Fanfiction belongs on fanfiction.net, text based games belong here. At least make a gamebook, not just a giant paragraph with terrible grammar and then publish it.

Also, it's not really a good idea to make "parts" of your games, I've seen a lot of games that do this and it kind of clutters the categories, especially when said games are incredibly short and lack substance.

-1/10 ign

Review by Nutjitzu
14 Jun 2016

Review by weepop
20 Apr 2016
needs more intercating and better grammar

Review by books247
01 Apr 2016

Review by CraftyKat
12 Jan 2016
Er..needs to be actually interactive, and have better spelling and grammar.

I imagine there is a good story, though, just very difficult to read.

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