The Town's Attacker: Your first Giant by SweetRevenge8

---Before you play... READ THIS: This is not intended for younger audiences, mostly because it has blood in it and maybe even a little gore(not really, though). But there is some other reasons too.(Note:This doesn't have any gts/sexual themes. If you're looking for that, then buzz off!) The age you have to be to play this, I would say 14.---

This game was my first game I ever made. I saw a lot of fantasy games on the home page, so I made one. This was originally a game about a dragon, but I got hacked and all of my progress was deleted. I decided to make a short-version game about a giant raiding a village afterward.

There is only two ways to survive this, and they're a little tricky to find(but don't just give up!)There are about sixteen ways to die in this, so don't expect a happy ending right away.

Thanks for playing, btw.

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Published 29 Oct 2020
Updated 05 Mar 2021