Fang-pocalypse by mrmagicman

Vampires take over the streets. Fearful citizens hide, locked in their homes. You too have to survive this nightmare of swift bats and bloody fangs, but can you?

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Review by poo9
14 Mar 2024
Even though it isn't finished I'm intrigued as to where it's going! It's a lovely start to a great story! Fang-pocalypse is a thrilling story playing as your character surviving in a vampire-infested town. Definitely recommend!

13 Mar 2024
Fang-pocalypse is a fun and interesting game. This game has a creative concept. I like the choices of words the author used, The paragraphs were very creative. A few points of improvement I would like to bring up is, that if the author were to edit or create another game Would be more organized, meaning that the sentences in this game would be incomplete or run-on. The introduction of the game was super confusing with the sentences jumping from different parts to other parts making it hard to follow. I also feel that the sentences and the paragraphs could use some more editing and review. I think this game has great potential to get traction. This game has lots of creativity and I would overall recommend this game to peers! Fantastic job!

Review by Ringohan
12 Mar 2024
This game was intriguing with great description that really gives you a feel of the world. Even though it isn’t finished and it sucks

Review by lemonade123456789
12 Mar 2024
The game called Fang-Pocalypse is a short horror story that is around 5 minutes long where the author attempts to keep you engaged.I was wondering if it was unfinished because multiple storylines I tried randomly ended? It was fairly confusing at times and I felt the game was moving by too fast. When you begin the game you are in a cold moody home and you proceed to press continue and are already at the climax.In conclusion this game lacks descriptive language and is fairly confusing. I personally would not recommend this game to you. But it is less than five minutes of reading time and this is coming from a slow reader so you wouldn't be wasting that much time.

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