The MEAD Grocery Store by mirandaoates

Through our project we hope to exemplify the individual environmental impact of product choices within the frame of a trip to the grocery store. Using our interactive web application we want to bring the experience of choosing common grocery store items and provide immediate feedback on the material culture, environment, and cultural impacts of each product to help guide you through your next trip to the grocery store. Our goal is not to uncover a “best answer” for each product but to help them fully realize the impact of their individual choice. Often people state that they alone cannot reduce the impact of climate change, or do not realize the implications of “throwing away” packaging, but we hope this immersive experience will exemplify the impact their personal choices have. Each grocery aisle focuses on a specific subset of products that each engages a particular issue associated with the products. These issues include, but are not limited to; labor, packaging, water usage, deforestation, and habitat destruction. Our goal is to offer information to consumers about the impact of their actions and show them small changes they can make to help combat climate change. We only have one Earth and we are in this together.
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Added 07 May 2020
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