Mortlake Manor by Ben Chenoweth

Rumour has it that a valuable treasure has been hidden somewhere in Mortlake Manor. It is your task to find the treasure. However, you must be careful; rumour also says the place is haunted...

Mortlake Manor is a gentle introduction to Interactive Fiction. It is impossible to die in the game. It is also impossible to get to a point where you cannot win. And the puzzles are not terribly hard. In fact, the main puzzle is simply navigating your way around the game - I highly recommend making a map! There are even two mazes. Now, I know that mazes are not looked upon with favour much any more, but back in 1994 when I programmed the original version of this game in Pascal they seemed essential to any adventure game worth its salt, and I wanted the Inform port to be faithful to the original!
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Written by
Ben Chenoweth
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Published 24 Mar 2012
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