Adventures as a Child by jakeromano7

Ever dreamed of reliving your childhood? Experiencing things that time has taken away from you? Step into the shoes of a 6 year old boy, making choices that will affect how the environment, and people, act towards you! This highly customizable and interactive game is truly tailored to the way you play! THIS GAME IS STILL A HUGE, UNFINISHED WIP, SO PLEASE PROVIDE FEEDBACK! And stick around for MORE!

Note: This is my first time ever using this software. Please, if you have any criticism, suggestions, advice, things that you feel should be implemented, different scenarios, tips on how to better utilize the software, or anything of those sorts, please email me at [email protected] with the subject "Adventures". Please, do not be shy, and feel free to say anything! Your advice and suggestions will help improve the game.

Also, and business inquiries can go to the same email, with the subject "Business".

Thank you all, and please enjoy!

0.9.1 - 3/5/15: Error messages fixed, head downstairs choice now works and Complain choice now gives you ending and explanation of choices...

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Review by Regisblackgaard
26 Oct 2016
I was 6 a few years ago and this is not accurate at all! I can bring in six year olds to prove it!

Review by JC-R
27 Jan 2016
I can't wait for the finished game! o/

Review by Nutjitzu
22 Jan 2016
Awesome! I can't wait for more!

Review by AmbassadorJJ
08 Jan 2016
I absolutely love this game. It's short at this moment, and if you are still interested in developing it, I, for one, would certainly play it! It captures a sense of childhood fairly well. The thought process is very believably childlike and I adore it. Excellent work thus far.

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