Subincubus by Brpdchainsaw

NSFW V1.03

In Subincubus, you play as a half demon girl who has lots of weird sex. That's about it.

20/06/21: I have no idea if anyone's still playing this but I have a quick announcement to make. I'm working on a complete overhaul of Subincubus, rewriting every scene and adding new ones, the new version will be called "Cambion" and will be released... whenever I finish it.

18/08/21: Cambion isn't done yet, but you can try it here -->

Your room
Your Sisters room
Your Mothers room

V1.01 update
added family fun event
added downstairs (kitchen, bathroom, living room)
added girlfriends house
altered a few pages
fixed broken links and typos

added town
changed dead ends into actual scenes
fixed typos and altered a few pages
added another vore scene because why not

Added monster girl forest
More potion scenes

Sex (duh)
and one (now two) vore scene(s) because why not

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Review by SuperStarryR
23 Apr 2021
Perfect for dirty minded people like me!😃

One thing, can you add some sort of sex scene for when the mom gives us the sandwich (eg. her licking the mayo off of us)

Review by reddragons2001
17 Mar 2020
It's very fun to play, and I was wondering if you can add a vore scene to shopper at the bookstore, like if anyone choices the to approach her and choice is too nervous, and the choices can be to eat right on the spot, ask her to follow you somewhere more private to eat her, or to leave.

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