A Shrunken World by pxycho

Suddenly your entire life turns around as you catch the shrinking virus the entire world was scared about, though, you weren’t entirely scared about the virus before you catches it. When shrinking inside of your school, you’re left with only two decisions. Fulfill your fantasies, or find a way to save yourself.

1/18/2021 Version 0.1-
This is the launch version of this adventure, further updates are to come soon.
Additional Update 1/18/2021(the scratch update)- Fixed the scratch issue with Jessica, replaced with “claw” and the script continues now.

4/16/2021 Version 0.2- The Beginning Update
- Game Name Change
- 10+ New Characters to interact with
- Hallways with new rooms to explore
- New types of interactions varying in fetishes
- Secrets and Easter Eggs
- And more...?

June 26, 2023
New game image
No new content.

I’m a bit new to quest, so if there are any problems just comment or review and tell me.

This version includes as of the moment right now:
-Vore Interactions
-Feet Interactions
-Buttock Interactions
-Anus Interactions
-Vaginal Interactions
-And much much more coming soon.
Give me suggestions!
Join my Discord to stay updated!

Hope you enjoy!

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Review by jasonblodd
30 Nov 2023
really good

Review by kajczello
18 Aug 2023
Waiting for updates

Review by chunkyflesh
16 Jan 2023
great start

Review by Weevers666
27 Nov 2022
Please update great job!

Review by Daniel_gartop
01 Nov 2022
Absolutely fanstastic, the gameplay and literally everything about it was amazing!! Best fetish game on this app for sure.

Review by Dofermish
18 Jul 2022
impressive project in progress, I only suggest that the interactions be more explicit and that they do not lead to fatal endings

Review by quora
10 Jul 2021
its great but needs more

Review by 10noche
11 Jun 2021
Real great stuff, Solid Interactions and some fun puzzles, only downside is that there isn’t more

Review by TheRatKing
24 Jan 2021
Good start, excited to see where it goes.

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