Wanderer by Andrei-Paul Grecianu

A long time ago, the kingdom was united and strong. Then the last king fell and the country went into chaos. ... you soon find that the outside is every bit as dangerous as you have heard and you must survive on your own...

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Review by Tyrant
01 Jul 2002
This game is actually very good. The intro story hooked me, and the places that you visit are interesting. However, this game lacks "spice" as far as I've seen. There really isn't action or puzzle solving, but rather aimless exploring where you don't know where to go or what to do (it's like wandering an outside maze of paths). There are some spelling errors (which I don't care as long as they're not that bad) such as "castel" instead of "castle". I often found myself dying or in impossible predicaments when I least expected it without any warning, such as being killed by orcs or not being able to move due to a fast beast.

All in all, an average game. I found myself bored too quickly as it lacked that extra icing lots of text games need.

Review by Carlii Cortez1
01 Jul 2002
Although the game is long and immersive there are a few errors which make giving it a higher score hard and the main objective of the game is uncertain. Because a lot of the terrain is boring and uninteresting, the player does not really find the logic in exploring and has no motivation to crack any of the so-called puzzles. Still, the game isn't that bad, just needs fine tuning and perhaps to be a bit more original and unique...something eye-catching it needs...

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Written by
Andrei-Paul Grecianu

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Written for Quest 3.02
Added 04 Jan 2002