What's in a biobank? by Rach227

Have you ever heard of a biobank? If your answer is no, you're not alone! It's estimated that only 2% of people actually know what one is, and talk about it with others. Yet, they're a vital part of medical research.
In this adventure, you'll be taken on a journey to understand what biobanks are, what they do, and some of the choices they face. So many choices that biobanks make depend on moral grey areas, where right and wrong are not clear. After you're taken on this journey, I hope that you'll begin to understand those choices a bit more.
Please enjoy.

Image credits: All images licensed under Canva (2021) except the cover image, which was taken by the game author.

This story is not modelled on any particular biobank but purely considers some topics/issues biobanks can face.
If you do not intend to play the game in one sitting, please create an account so you can save your progress. The game will time out otherwise.

Please provide feedback at the end of the game or visit https://tinyurl.com/bwrzrda3 to let me know what you think.

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Review by Inquisitor Kane
13 Mar 2022
This gamebook provides great overview about what actually is a biobank, its uses, ethical issues and how they can be used to help people. Only giving 3 stars because while it is doing well on the educational part, there is not much gameplay involved.

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